PayDay Back Blast – Boy did it Burn!!!!!
July 13, 2018
July 13, 2018

The One Where the Q Had Her Act Together, Until She Didn’t

  • When: 07/13/2018
  • Q: Footloose
  • Pax: Fleshwound, Koolaid, Zombie Bride, M, Betsy Ross

Small but might crowd this Friday the 13th.  Let’s face it, our crew is having trouble with that alarm clock lately!  I had the timer set perfectly for the first two of our circuits this morning, but darn that third set was a mess.  Thanks for bearing with me when it all fell apart.  Here’s the thang ….  one minute each, or 30 sec/side where appropriate

Circuit One:  Weighted Single-Leg Deadlifts; Plank Shoulder Taps;  Weighted Squat to Calf Raise; Woodchop Sit Ups

Circuit Two:  Single-Leg Plyo Jump/Lunge;  Up/Down Plank; Single Leg Glute Bridge to Toe Touch; Plank Side to Side Weight Pass

Circuit Three: (what it should have been) Lat Pull-Down with Lunge; Squat to Donkey Kick; Woodchoppers; and Reverse Crunch with Twist

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