Hump Day Tabatas!!
March 28, 2018
Deja Vu
March 28, 2018

  • When: 03/26/2018
  • Q: peaches
  • Pax: Passport, GI Jane, Soto, Mona Lisa

The FiA sisters of NE TN are definitely ready to put our first winter of workouts behind us! We thought we were going to be successful (as we had decided that it absolutely was NOT allowed to snow again during our  3/21 workout), but alas, the WIND was not about to let us forget that winter was alive and well. So, when I walked out my door, I was prepared for the 39 degrees it said on my weather app – not the 33 degrees it felt like. Brrrrr…….

Yoga mats were blowing around the amphitheater and we all realized we needed more layers than we brought, but we pressed on.

Disclaimer. Then warm up was a bit unorganized today and consisted of whatever we felt like we needed to do to get stretched out and warmed up – a couple of our ladies had already put in some run time prior to posting.



Bear crawl around the perimeter of the amphitheater and then up to the top level where the sun dial is located. This workout is based on 15’s (hence, the “Ides of March”).


Top Level

45 reps each:

squats w/ a side kick

lunges to a high knee

plank jacks

Early on in the reps, the “Plank Train” came through – it probably wasn’t as long as the one last week, but after all the bear crawling, it hurt.


Middle level

30 reps of each:

tricep dips on the wall

ab cycles

flutter kicks



Lower level

15 reps of each:


push ups

plank shoulder taps

fire hydrants


Bear crawl around the perimeter of the amphitheater again.


Not sure if it was all the bear crawling or if it was Caesar’s ghost that was unhappy with me for taking his death and making it into a workout,  but I was feeling extremely “unwell” throughout the workout today. I felt like I was a pretty sorry Q, but I was so thankful to my PAX who helped me keep it together and helped me keep going!

COT: I’m never terribly good at doing this part. A lot of it is probably because I am not a morning person. At. All. I was hoping the past 7 months of FiA would re-train me in this area of my life, but it has not. I’m pretty sure I get up and post and don’t actually wake up until I’m at home in my shower (which is kind of scary because I’m out on the roads driving to and from our AO!). So, talking to anyone in complete sentences prior to 8am is a real struggle for me on the daily.

Anywho……recently I’ve been pondering spiritual warfare and strongholds the enemy uses to keep me from being FREE in Christ. I came across a quote from John Freeman (author Emily Freeman’s husband) on InstaGram (because that’s where I find all my awesome quotes, of course).

“When I hold on to the wrong things, the wrongs things hold on to me.”

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. John 10:28 (ESV)

What’s holding you today?

Wife to F3 Honcho. Boy mom to twins + 1, and girl mom x 1 through adoption. NOT a morning person, but my FiA sisters are worth it. I hit up Riveter's Station every Monday and Wednesday AM before I conquer the world of rheumatology. Give me all the grace, coffee, and TN Volunteer football!

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