HIIT in the heat
June 20, 2018
Attack of the Elevens
June 20, 2018

The final countdown at #Fort

  • When: 06/19/2018
  • Q: Arsenal
  • Pax: Triple Play, Love All, Snuggie, Fast Pass, Purl, Chaps, Hollywood, Fresh, Chaser, Chill, Laces, Expedia, Audit, Smiles, Wedding Crasher

Tried a new full body workout that totally kicked me!

Warm Up:
TTT, Toy Soldiers, Flip Flops

The Thang:
75 seconds squat pulse
60 sec Curtsy lunge
45 sec squat jacks
30 sec squat front kick
15 sec jump squat

75 sec jump squat
60 sec squat front kick
45 sec squat jack
30 sec Curtsy lunge
15 sec squat pulse

30 sec plank

75 sec bike crunches
60 sec flutter kicks
45 sec Parker Peter
30 sec Hello Dolly
15 sec leg lift

75 sec leg lift
60 sec Hello Dolly
45 sec Parker Peter
30 sec flutter kicks
15 sec bike crunches

30 sec plank

75 sec bicep curls
60 sec tricep kick back
45 sec shoulder press
30 sec upright rows
15 sec fly

75 sec fly
60 sec upright row
45 sec shoulder press
30 sec tricep kick back
15 sec bicep curl

30 sec plank

Devo, COT, Name-o-rama

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  1. Doula says:

    This looks like a great workout! I’ll probably use it soon for the ladies here in Memphis!

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