Fake it until you make it
July 1, 2018
Lions Den Preblast – 2 is better than 1..Q
July 1, 2018

The 4 round Beatdown

  • When: 06/30/2018
  • Q: Doula
  • Pax: Ohana, Cyborg, Crunchy Pickle, Chill Pill, Grand Slam, LaLa, Hummer, Cameo, Meche, Pinky, Love, Beats, Gillie, Beaner, Patchwork, FNG Snapshot, FNG Cha Cha, FNG, GI JAZZ, FNG Squeeze, FNG SnaXX, FNG Doc, FNG Machete

The Site: 23 PAX 7 FNG’S Shelby Farms. 80 degrees but as my grandma used to say “it’s so hot you could fry an egg on that pavement.”

Discalimer: 👊🏻

Warm Up: A handful of exercises to warm the body up.

Intro to “The Thang” with some quad burning squats to Sally. *song Flower by Moby

The Thang: 4 round only repeated 1 time. 5 moves in each round. 1st move 50 reps, 2nd move 40 reps, 3rd move 30 reps, 2nd move 20, last move 10.

1st move Leg focused

2nd move Cardio based

3rd move Everytning Biceps

4th move Chest centered

5th move Full body

Although we were all sweaty and exhausted after this we finished it out with what I called Peach O Rama. 20 reps of each move. *glute bridges *glute bridges left leg in air *glute bridges right leg in air *marching bridges *fire hydrants each leg *donkey kicks each leg.

Circle Of Trust: We locked arms (embracing all the 😓) and I shared on the incredible and  inspiring women that FIA is bringing together.  So many new faces every workout and each with their own story and journey. I encouraged the PAX to take the time to make conversation with someone they don’t know. Get to know the amazing women you see 1 sometimes twice a week and hopefully more as we grow and expand. Coffeeteria is a great opportunity to do that 😉

A few shoutouts from our bootcamp!

Ohana thank you for lovingly picking up my daughter and carrying her over to the shade when the heat got a little to much for her 💗

Beats thank you for taking the lead on that last round as this lady needed to take a little breather. You are a machine and I’m convinced you never run out of energy 💗

Patchwork you inspire me! Bicep curls with your sweet 5 month old little guy is dedication 💗

And to all of you for being so welcoming and making FIA what it is. A commeradie of women with a mission to make each other stronger in all areas of their lives 💗


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