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April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Terrible Twos

  • When: 04/11/2018
  • Q: Locavore
  • Pax: Pelé, Joe Dirt, Bubble Wrap, Pan-Am

It was a beautiful morning for a workout with friends!

Some things we learned this morning:

1. Watch out for rattlesnakes on Carolina Beach

2. The ramp is steep

3.  We are still trying to assemble a BRR team

4. 2 minutes can be an exceptionally long time


We were on the ramp the whole time. Up and down, up and down, up and down.

The plan:

jog over to the ramp to warm up

From there, we went up the ramp and back down, then 2 minutes of the following (after each 2 minute interval we went back up and down the ramp)

1. Push ups

2. Squats

3. Mountain climbers

4. Dips

5. Curtesy lunges

6. Burpees

7. Russian twist

8. Inchworm


Mostly, we ran up and down the ramp, but we also threw in a bear crawl and a few lunge walks for good measure.

I love these FiA mornings and the fun conversation!

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