Christmas Tree Tour of Dutch Fork High 🎄
December 26, 2017
Eagle’s Nest Pre-Blast – YES I’ll be there!
December 26, 2017

The Terminal: Wait a minute, you mean we could’ve slept in today?

  • When: 12/26/2017
  • Q: Grizzly
  • Pax: Flotus, Pan am, Pep Rally, Scooter, Sweatshop

Six pax at 06:00 on a chilly morning that could’ve been modified to start a little later, but whoops, I missed the memo. I am very pleased to report everyone was on time and it was awesome to have Pan am and Pep Rally out to visit us at the Terminal!


Warm up-

Jog down Bruckhaus to the second set of stairs

26 JJs IC

10 Plank Walkouts

10 Toy Soldiers


The Thang-

So, something happened, I think a no show, and FLOTUS now owes the group 1,000 burpes. So since she was in attendance today, we modified our workout to help her get a quick 55, she now only owes 935.

11s- burpees and Bulgarian split squats, start on one set of stairs for exercise, bear crawl to other set of stairs for exercise, then sprint back to the staring stairs.

That took a while, Scooter, way to hang in there with making it the whole time with bear crawls. Scooter loves bear crawling or any crawl so much she mentioned reviving the old animal workout Belle did a couple years ago.

Jog back to picnic shelter.



30 One leg Marge to Homer (sets on both legs)

30 Scissors

30 Clam shells (sets on right and left side- bonus if you can do them like FLOTUS)

30 Leg circles (sets counterclockwise and clockwise)

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