November 13, 2017

Birthday Burpee Builder

Warm up with jog to amphitheater.   4 corners burpee builder: 3 rounds (10, 10, 9)- push ups, in & outs, jump squats, burpees between corners: […]
November 8, 2017

Death by Burpees

15 Pax joined me this drizzly Wednesday morning to either kill the burpees or be killed by them…we will find out tomorrow who won the battle. […]
November 2, 2017

Dora Climbs Star Mountain(Hill)

  9 Pax joined me on a not as chilly morning. We were peeling layers very quickly. We partnered up and did a Dora style workout. […]
October 24, 2017

Uptown Funky Arms & Abs

Warm up: to Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” – 30 sec high knees 30 sec walking lunges 10 sec rest 5 burpees 30 sec tricep dips 10 […]
October 20, 2017

Riddle Me This

8 Pax joined me on a nice cool morning to figure out whether or not Dora and Lt. Dan do weights. They do. Warm up Duck […]
October 19, 2017

FiA ENC Greenville Wednesday 6 p.m. – Flip A Coin

What a beautiful fall night it was for a workout. It may have started out a little chilly, but we warmed up quickly. These ladies were […]
October 11, 2017

Almost 80

We were 17 strong on this extra humid morning which included 1 new FNG – Welcome Rotc. I heard several ladies comment about how they felt […]
October 3, 2017

Warm Bodies

10 windmills 10 toy soldiers Jog around perimeter (.5 miles) 40 sec high knees 10 sec hold squat 40 sec butt kickers 10 sec hold squat […]
September 25, 2017

Change of Season, Change of Scenery

FIFTEEN ladies beat the fartsack and joined me this morning to get their week started. Even thought fall as officially started we didn’t have any fall […]
September 11, 2017

9/11 Tribute

What a great way to start the day–10 PAX came together on this rainy and windy Monday morning, the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  We […]
August 30, 2017

20 seconds is Loooong

It was a great mid-week morning to get our sweat on!  11 Pax, including 1 FNG, came out to my Tabata workout with some Patagonia Mountain-like […]
August 12, 2017

C for Core

Warmup Jumping Jacks- 25 Plank Jacks- 25 Burpees- 5 Jog a lap around the field Plank pushups with side rotation- 20 15 side plank hip lifts […]