February 9, 2018

The Winter Olympics are starting!

The 2018 Winter Olympics start today (ok, technically yesterday, but the opening ceremony is today!), so to celebrate, we did an Olympic themed workout.   It certainly […]
November 3, 2017

The one where we sort of lost it toward the end

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while, because I haven’t been doing as much running as I’d like. Need the cardio in my […]
October 27, 2017

Pretty early morning sky

I debated this morning between the shelter or the parking lot and chose the parking lot.  We didn’t need that much room, but the view of […]
October 20, 2017

The one with the confusing game of tag and the heavy weights

I told everyone to bring heavy weights, and as a result, there was some complaining from SOME PEOPLE. But I’m already feeling this one, so it […]
September 1, 2017

Butt Blaster

And to think, I was expecting that we might have to cancel today b/c of folks traveling, but we had nine ladies ready to work, including […]
August 20, 2017

Friday Fight Club

12 PAX including an FNG came out for Friday morning Fight Club. Low impact does not mean low intensity! Everyone got a full body, sweat inducing […]
July 21, 2017

The One Where the Q Almost Passed Out

Hehe, so it’s pretty warm, even at 5:30 in the morning.  Let’s all make sure that we’re staying well-hydrated and getting electrolytes, too. We had a […]
July 14, 2017

Someone call the Foot Doctor

7 PAX joined me for my first Q workout!!  It was a muggy morning full of talk about “how do I get a doctors note for […]
June 23, 2017

Setting Goals

Today, we’re thinking about our goals.  It’s easy to go into auto-pilot with our routines, and stop thinking about what we want to accomplish.  Some goals […]
May 12, 2017

TGIF – Brit Lo

6 Pax and 1 who telecommuted (Benjamin Button)  (Great to see you Gallaudet) joined me to knock out a workout prior to Friday shenanigans took over! […]
May 5, 2017

Cinco Circuits

7 PAX and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo in my garage this morning for Brit Lo to avoid Lightning and torrential downpour. The Thang: 1 min […]
April 28, 2017

Good morning, humidity!

Whew, the humidity is back!  We did some great lower body work, this morning, with some great work on our hamstrings and glutes.  This one will […]