Stampede 1/3
January 2, 2018
Coach’s Circuit followed by Hot Cocoa (notice a trend here? cold nights = hot cocoa at the Corner)
January 2, 2018

  • When: 01/02/2018
  • Q: Benjamin Button
  • Pax: Brady Bunch, Tri Angel, Snorlax, Zombie Bride, Bronco, Juicy Pear, Benjamin Button, Choco Taco, Bean, Spokes, Glenda, Sunflower, and FNGs that will be named at 2nd workout

Wow. Is all I can say. We are trying to get numbers up at workouts and this exceeded all expectations on a 24 degree night. We had 5 FNGs show for a total of 17 PAX.


Warm Up: High knees-30

butt kickers-30

arm circles- 20 each way

toy soldiers-20


The Thang: Happy New Year 2018

20 reps and 18 reps= 2018

Work in 2 groups. first group runs t other side of tennis court and completes 20x of exercise. Second group planks or jumping jacks to keep warm. Rinse and Repeat.

Then rinse and repeat with same exercise for 18x.


Go through each months exercise for a Happy New Year…


January- Jump squat

February- flutter kicks

March-Marine pushups

April- awful gravediggers

May- Marching glute bridges

June-Jumping Jacks

July- Jump lunges

August- Alt side kicks

September-suicide planks

October- oblique crunches

November-negative pushups

December- Double Crunch


***We only got through July due to time. Would have finished if we had an hour****




Rules for 2018:

1- Choose happiness

2- Save space for people who matter

3- Don’t argue with fools

4-Unplug more

5- Stop beating yourself up. You are enough.

6-Know when to let shit go

7- Know your worth

8- Accept what can not be changed

9- Love yourself first

10- Write your own story

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