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January 9, 2018
January 9, 2018

Tabatas in your Tacos

  • When: 01/09/2018
  • Q: Benjamin Button
  • Pax: Zombie Bride, Pip Boy (2.0), Little Legs (2.0), Bronco, Glenda, Juicy Pear, Wiz, Sunflower, Flesh Wound (Cindy-FNG), Duracell (FNG-Kim), Benjamin Button

Last Tuesday we didn’t want to get out of the car because it was cold AF. This week we were in t shirts and tank tops and someone shaved their legs and put on a pair of shorts. We had 11 PAX including 2 FNG from last week and 2 2.0s.



Warm Up: High Knees-30

Butt Kickers-30

Pot stirrers

Swimmers (Michael Phelps)


The Thang:

8 rounds: 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

1- Jumping jacks


3-alternating front lunges

4-up down planks


tricep dips


Tabata Abs:

4 rounds: 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

1-flutter kick






COT: I love the #timesup movement from the Golden Globes this week and picked 2 of my favorite quotes form the night.

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Oprah Winfrey


“There is no prerequisite for worthiness. You are born worthy.” Viola Davis

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