Frog Pond Friday Pre-Blast
March 1, 2018
Eagle’s Nest Backblast – we’ve got legs….
March 1, 2018

  • When: 02/25/2018
  • Q: Salsa and Purl
  • Pax: Purl, Safari, Flow, Primary, Bayou, Dos, Topo, Alamo, Lotus, Stapler, Butter, PK, Vice, GI Jane, Eggy, Red light, Freebird, Union Jack, Shoebox, Derby, EZ, ketchup, Loveseat, Push, and Salsa FNG's: Mom Jeans, LeBron, Seal, Dutch, Bang Bang, Henderson
31 strong Pax (including 6 FNGs!) got together on a beautiful  pre-spring day to work up a sweat, enjoy some Seinfeld references, and yada, yada, yada…
Here is the breakdown.
15 IC each. Imperial Walkers, cherry pickers, arm circles front and back, then a quick lap around the workout area to get us loosened up.
Tabata – 30 sec, 15 rest
Plank -jump feet in and out
Basketball jumps
V Push ups
Cross Body Climbers
Jump over the rope
1 minute rest
Do the above exercises a total of 3 times thru
Same format as above, different exercises:
Tricep dips
Jump Knee Tuck
L sit
Plank jacks
Quick feet
The Mary –
A frame abs with a twist
Hold in the center
Seated leg raises
Plank – knee to elbow
Cool down –
Feet wide, with forearms pushing knees outward
Runner’s lunge
Standing quad stretch

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