A Rucking Bootcamp
June 27, 2018
Track PB: Have I got a treat for you!
June 27, 2018

Tabata, Tabata

  • When: 06/26/2018
  • Q: Mama Moose
  • Pax: Gypsy, Fredda, Ivory, Runt Runner, Strings, Crayola, Anchor, Bonfire, Q Mama Moose, FNGs Amanda aka. Bluegrass and Angie aka. Kim Chi Camper!

We had a beautiful morning for a Tabata workout at Rivercrest Park this morning for 11pax including 2 FNGs! Welcome!!!

1 min hold then partner 7 rounds of Tabata 20/10 sec exercises…
Round 1- hold plank
W/weight, squat w shoulder press
Round2- 1min reverse plank hold
Curtsey lunge w weight side arm raises
Jumping Jack’s
Round 3- twisting side planks 1min
Dead lift w weighted upright row
Skiers with or without weight
Round 4- hold boat pose
Leg lower w weighted chest fly
Round 5-hold superman
Glute bridge w weighted arm jackknife
Bicycle crunches
Round 6- single leg bent over reach right leg
Side lunges w weighted bicep curls
High knees
Round 7- single leg bent over reach left leg
Wood chop lunges w 1 weight
1 weight sumo squat pulses


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