December 29, 2017
PB Wild West
December 29, 2017

T Squared Comes Back With A Vengeance

  • When: 12/16/2017
  • Q: T Squared
  • Pax: GI Jane, Diego, Passport, Soto, Peaches, Buckeye, Sangria

(I am just now posting this because I am a slacker… hehe)

Dec. 16 was a nice Saturday morning for a good workout. It was my first workout back after a rough semester in school so I wanted to work myself, along with my PAX hard. We did a 12 Days of Christmas style workout and it kicked our butts.




* indicates we used blocks

  1. Overhead press*
  2. Broad jump burpee
  3. Lateral jump over block
  4. Curls*
  5. Lap around the park (Get it, a ring?)
  6. Flutter kicks
  7. Squats* -I gave the option for block/no block here
  8. Russian twist
  9. Bent over rows*
  10. Push-ups
  11. Crunches
  12. Lunges

The workout was done just like the song, so we started with one overhead press, then we did two broad jump burpees and back to one overhead press. We ended up doing about 2.25 miles and got through the whole 12 days once! It was rough but felt great after.



I reminded them to remember the reason for this Christmas season and to give back if possible!!

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