BB Salt Block CIRCUITS!!
July 8, 2017
July 8, 2017

Sweaty Saturday

  • When: 07/08/2017
  • Q: Bad A$$
  • Pax: Whip, Snarky, Sunshine, Closer, Blender, Honeydew

So it was a hot one today. 80 degrees by 8am. 60% humidity (even though it felt like 100%!) Today’s workout was pretty straightforward. 32 minutes of Tabata and then some hills to finish it up.


The Thang:


4x each circuit (20 min on, 10 sec rest)


Circuit 1: Mountain Climbers, Push-ups

Circuit 2: Skaters, Squats

Circuit 3: High Knees, Wall Seat

Circuit 4: Burpees, Flutter kicks

Circuit 5: Alt Lunge Jumps, Shoulder Taps

Circuit 6: Quick Feet, Russian Twists

Circuit 7: Pop Squats, Plank

Circuit 8: Squat Jump, Plank Hip Twist


The Intimidator

  1. Run to first stop sign, 20 squats
  2. Run to 2nd street, 20 jumping jacks
  3. Shuffle- left leg lead to first stop sign, 20 wall pushups
  4. Shuffle- right leg lead to first stop sign, 20 raggedy anns
  5. Run to 2nd street, 20 toe touches
  6. Run to first stop sign, 20 dips

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