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FiA is Females In Action | August 17, 2017

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Sweaty Saturday @Greenmile

Streaker Lex

  • When: 06/17/2017

  • Q: Streaker

  • Pax: Streaker, Roll Tide, Crafty, Green Thumb, Survivor, Church Lady, Bluegrass, Caboose, Swoosh, Paper Jam, Overcomer (Kandi), Surge (Jane)

15 Pax with 2.0s came out to @Greenmile for a hot and very humid Saturday workout. The 2.0s played and had some snacks while we worked out and tried to keep the sweat and gnats out of our eyes.

Warm Up

20 High Knees

10 TTT

10 IW

10 Frankenstein


Song – Giants Fall

Squats – Jumping Jacks – Burpees – Repeat

25 Hip Touches

Song – O’Lord

Push Ups – Mountain Climbers – Break – Repeat

21 Squat Jumps

Song – Happiness

Crunches – Heel Touches – Iron Crosses – Repeat

20 Jumping Jacks – 20 BK

Song – Unfinished


25 Skaters

Song – Never Been a Moment

Shoulder Taps – Plank Jacks – Repeat

Song – Fearless

Russian Twists – BGSU- Heel Pulses- Repeat

25 Calf Raises

25 Monkey Humpers

Donkey Kick Right 30 seconds – Pulse 30 seconds

Donkey Kick Left 30 seconds – Pulse 30 seconds

Fire Hydrants Right 30 seconds

Fire Hydrants Left 30 seconds

Song – God of the Hills and Valleys


Devotion – Psalm 34:4


FiA/F3 Family Workout July 1st at 8am

Prayer Request:

Bluegrass Step-Dad

Church Lady’s Son going to camp


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