Boot camp Burpees
August 12, 2018
Bootcamp and Bands Burnout
August 12, 2018

Sweaty Saturday

  • When: 08/11/2018
  • Q: Derby
  • Pax: Tiny Dancer (co-Q), Go-To Girl, Bookworm, Thumper, Show Stopper, Buckeye, Boones Farm, Sweet T, Digger, Mathlete

Welcome – Disclaimer

Warmup – VORTEX: run gazebo in a circle and call out different categories – if the category fits run to gazebo platform and perform 5 of given exercise (squat – jumping jack – pushup – mountain climber – good morning 

categories: favorite color blue – likes pizza – has traveled out of the country – plays/played an instrument – lives in Beaufort County 

gather in gazebo and stretch – then explain The Thang 

The Thang:


burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, merkin, plank jacks, squats 

run waterfront and do a BLIMP +1 at every other light pole (up to 10)


at caboose do circle burp 


indian run back to Festival Park 


partner 1 holds a plank while the other partner completes 5 of each (squats, pushups, sit-ups) – switch – run around the gazebo and do 10 of each, then 15 of each

Cooldown – FNG naming – Name-o-Rama – Quote (Believe you can and you are halfway there! – Theodore Roosevelt)- Prayer 

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