Starfish and Serenading PAX
June 20, 2018
Humid HIIT
June 20, 2018

Sweaty Ring of Fire

  • When: 06/20/2018
  • Q: Robot
  • Pax: Comet, Die Hard, Tech, Hiker, Diver, Nola, Fury, Teacher

A few of us got together this morning for a pre-run and ran into our neighborhood Fox. I’ve decided to name her Fiona. Fiona and her flock of 2 maybe 3 additional little ones. She could totally be our mascot….Fiona, the fox for FiA. There may be something there. Or I may be dehydrated either way, we saw Fiona three or four times while getting set up. So I had 8 ladies join me and we did a Round the clock Reps-maybe kinda like a Ring of Fire but not exactly the same after checking the F3 site

Person 1 does exercise 1 while the rest of the group completes exercise 2. Once person 1 completes the 1st exercise, person 2 completes progressing around the circle until everyone has completed exercise 1 (while the group maintain exercise 2 for the duration). So the more people, the longer duration. Person 1 advances to the left in clockwork fashion between each exercise/set.

Warm Up: Torso Twist with arm extension, Arm Circles, Storm Troopers, Butt kickers

10 Power Planks/Jacks
5 Butterfly Sit ups/Flutter Kicks
10 Shoulder Taps/Plank
5 1/2 Burpees/Butt Kickers
10 Jump Squats/Jump Rope
5 Push ups/Side Plank Hold
10 Tri-Dips/Mountain Climbers
5 Brooke Burkes/Side Plank Hold
10 Plyo-Lunges/Squat Sit
5 Low Country Crab Boil/Hold Table
10 Hello Dolly/Hold Boat
5 Tuck Jumps/High Knees
10 Dry Docks/Air Presses
5 Plank Up-Downs/Swimmers
10 Monkey Humpers/Calf Pumps
5 Jab 180s (squat jump)/Fast Feet
Wishing a very happy birthday to our very own Gator! 41 birthday birthdays were done in your honor!
Left off for time:
10 Front Kicks (5 each side)/Skaters
5 V-ups/Hold Bridge
Now we look like this….
I’ll miss you guys-see you in a couple weeks!

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