Sville still covered in white so Facebook Live workout in sight!

WeGo and my husband made me post
January 6, 2018
Always Thankful For Each Other
January 6, 2018

Sville still covered in white so Facebook Live workout in sight!

  • When: 01/06/2018
  • Q: Sunshine
  • Pax: Deuces, Restless, Neighbor, Napper, Mint Julep, Easy Bake, Salsa, Shera, Firefly, Swoosh, Magellan, Anchor, Chaps, Spurs, Arsenal, Air Cool, Epi, Shears, Charge it, Hershey, Sassy, Goose and No Pants. And Ray soon :)

Soooo we are still shut down and wanted to get into the New Year strong. Via Facebook Live:
One legged arm circles F/B
calf stretch
Toy Soldiers 15IC
JJ x50

4 rounds of EMOM
Plank Jacks
Tricep Dips
Jump Squats
Plank knee to elbow touches

11’s with 3 inchworms instead of running between exercises
Mountain climber merkins and crockpot squats

Next set EMOMS
Plank with shoulder taps
Lunges with knee jumps 30 sec each side
Monkey Humpers

Made it twice through and time expired.

PAX did awesome!!!

Devo about David “a man after God’s own heart”. How he sinned greatly but confessed quickly and sincerely and took the consequences. We all have great qualities and some we wish we could conquer but God just wants us to keep moving and growing toward Him. He doesn’t expect perfection, He expects progress!!!!

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