Surface Zero Kicking Bootie at the HMP

Sunday yoga
September 24, 2017
Lions Den Preblast – Repeat workout
September 24, 2017

Surface Zero Kicking Bootie at the HMP

  • When: 09/23/2017
  • Q: Ocra
  • Pax: Chowda, Pickleback, Escape, Teacherspet, Native, Fabio, Hops, Taxi, City Life, FNG Grasshopper (Susan), FNG Faucet (Lauren), Co Pay Hickory NC

Beautiful gloomy morning felt like it might be a cool day, but later we changed our minds when we got to working hard. Props to the girls who were brave enough to Ruck before the workout and City Life who was battling a cold. Goofy Foot who wasn’t in attendance due to she decided to do the TRI at WB on a whim.. not sure how that happens but I am sure she did great.

the thang:
Warm up on grass before the main playground parking lot.

Mosey on to the parking lot beside the basketball courts.

Set of exercises x3
20 Squats
20 Tony Hawks
20 Planks side to side

Finished with 10 superman pushups and moseyed to the pull up bars.

Broke up into teams of three.
Alternated within team 3 sets of exercises x3:
5 pullups or pulses
10 Knee ups on parallel bars
15 tricep dips on fence

Finished with plank hold and moseyed to the bridge. Once we arrived at bridge we coupled and lunged across.
Set up to do Dora original plan was 300, 200, 100 but due to time we changed in the middle.

250 step-ups (try to alternate with jump ups) on flower wall
150 pushups incline or decline
50 inchworms (you can thank OG)

Teammate ran up the hill before the road and back.

Finished up with 5 inch worms all together and moseyed back to the field near the basketball courts. Teachers pet finished us off with 20 Hello Dolly’s.

Welcome to the new FNGs and Co Pay visiting from Hickory, NC. Strong work by everyone and you ladies rocked the pull up bars. I think we need to add a FIA sticker below the F3 on the pull up owned it! I enjoyed spending this beautiful Saturday morning with you getting stronger together in all aspects of life.


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