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July 2, 2018
Grid Iron Goes Back to 7/2/1996
July 2, 2018

Summit Backblast: Weighting on those Abs…

  • When: 07/02/2018
  • Q: Yo Adrian
  • Pax: Spike, Polar Bear, Off Fifth, Hoops, Te Fiti, Atomic, BA, Deuce, Squealing Fern, Diva, Sweet, Splits, Yo

Quite a crew came out this AM to work the arms and abs! Plus an FNG, Jordan, now known as Squealing Fern!

Jumping Jax, 10 IC
High Knees, 10 IC
Wind Mills, 10 IC
10 inch worms, OYO

The drill…
8 exercises – each for :40, rest after the set – go through the set 3 times.
1. Overhead tricep extensions
2. Hammer curls
3. Thread the needle (side plank, upper arm reaches under/over)
4. Thread the needle, other side
5. Side shoulder raises
6. Tricep dips (don’t fall! Do as the Q says, not does!)
7. Dumbbell burpees
8. Bicep curls

Lap around the green

Abs – same routine – 4 exercises, each for :40, rest after the set – go through the set 3 times.
1. Hollow hold tuck – 3ct each move, hold for 3, tuck up for 3, etc
2. Spiderwoman plank
3. Heels to heaven, leg lifts
4. Body saw plank

Done, down to the second!
Awesome to see this many ladies out this morning, esp so many new faces for me! Love seeing the continued growth! Enjoy the rest of the week – have a safe, fun-filled 4th!

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