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March 12, 2018
BB: Diva Run for G’s Birthday
March 13, 2018

Summit Backblast: Musical Exercise

  • When: 03/12/2018
  • Q: Strike
  • Pax: Solo, Atomic, Native, Off 5th, Sweet, Yo Adrian, Rapunzel, Hoops ,Strike

Nine ladies came out to check out this slightly painful version of musical chairs.

The Warm up

  1. Down Hill huggers
  2. Uphill toy soldiers
  3. Uphill Ostrich Walk
  4. Up hill rotating high knees

The Thang: This was like Tabata and Musical Chairs had a evil baby. We did the first exercise while the music played (1min) and depending on the position you are in when the music stops determined the exercise you did until the music started again (another minute).  The goal was to get through each round twice times and we made it with 1min12sec to spare.

Round 1

  1. Squat Jumps: Down Position=Squat hold/Up Position=High Knees
  2. Push Ups: Down Position=Superwomans/Up Position=Plank Jacks
  3. Frog Kicks: Legs out=Low Dollys/Legs in=Bent Leg Body Twist

Round Finisher. Quadrophila (run down): Bottom of the hill=crawl bear up/Top of the hill=bear crawl down (then jog up)

Round 2

  1. Burpees: Down Position=Squat Thrust/Up Position=Calf raise w/ hop
  2. Overhead Press: Down Position=Arm Circles/Up Position=Overhead Clap
  3. Three Pulse Leg Lift: Pulse=Heels to Heaven/Leg Lift=Bicycles

Round Finisher. Rotating Side Plank: Left Hand=Rotating Fire Hydrants/Right Hand= Rotating Kneeling Cross Side Kicks

The Moleskin

I thought for sure it would just be Sweet and I with the cold and the rain but I was pleasantly surprised. Shout outs to everyone for showing up and working hard. This workout required a lot of brain energy so I thought the white board would help reduce that requirement a bit. As always… This was fun. Thanks ladies


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