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June 15, 2017
Wednesday June 14- Let’s be mermaids!
June 15, 2017

Sprints & Squishy Shoes

  • When: 06/15/2017
  • Q: Gomer
  • Pax: Potus, Jersey, Seuss, Hammertime, Posh, Doily, Ergo, Doc

When I laid down to do the second set of abs, I could feel my face radiating with heat!  Who designed this Q??  We ran & sprinted over 2 miles this morning and had a little fun with some football drills.  I now sit at work and am literally propping my head up on my desk.

Yall enjoy the race on Saturday, I want to see pics!



Shake & Bake

Agility Drills (see image insert)


20 Crunches

20 Dollys

20 Labors

20 High Dollys

20 Butterfly

Shake & Bake

Agility Drills (see image insert)

Repeat Abs


CoT / Prayers: Hubby healing, Hubby traveling, BiL and family, Baywatch family, sister touch times, Doc – new job

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  1. Gator says:

    Will Tallahassee be ordering regional gear anytime soon? I’m a FiA Highland Creek member for the last few years but Tallahassee raised and would love to order a Tally shirt!

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