Billy Joel Backblast: I’m sore already
September 9, 2017
Finally its Fall !
September 9, 2017

Sprints, sprints and more sprints….oh, and burpees!

  • When: 09/09/2017
  • Q: Chickpea
  • Pax: Chickpea, Shabby Chic, Frenchie, FNG Lindsay "DIY", HIS, Serena

Had a blast this morning! Amazing women, cool weather and a challenging workout! Thanks for coming out and making it so much fun! Welcome to FiA “DIY”!

Warm Up
Arm circles, front/back, 10 each
Walk out planks, 10
Toy soldiers, 10
Cherry pickers, 10
High knees, 10
Butt kickers, 10
Side slides around parking lot

Sprint Circuit, Teams of 2
Partner 1 sprints while partner 2 performs exercises, then switch players
Exercises between sprints:
Squats, mountain climbers, plank shoulder taps
-2 sprints
-sprint 1/2 way, bear crawl, x2
-2 sprints
-sprint 1/2 way, burpee to ground broad jump, x2
-2 sprints
-sprint 1/2 way, Cavi Javi lunge, x2
-2 sprints
-sprint 1/2 way, squat defensive slides, switching sides, x2

Wall Circuit

Burpee Circuit

Wall Circuit

Blast Off Circuit, x2



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