Steel Magnolias BB: Circuits
February 21, 2018
Birthday and Anniversary Celebration
February 21, 2018

Sprints and Planks

  • When: 02/21/2018
  • Q: Flying Pig
  • Pax: Rally Cat, Cabbie, Steel, Lighthouse, Napa, Streaker, Peloton, CWR, Flying Pig

Today it was spring like weather which was a nice change from the freezing cold!

10 slow butt kickers IC
10 arms circles forward and backward
10 fast butt kickers IC

The Thang:

Jog to Subway for Arms
10 Wide arm push-ups
30 tricep dips
20 overhead claps
10 Wide arm push-ups
30 tricep dips
20 overhead claps
1 min Plank

Jog to Baptist Church Parking lot for sprints
Sprints and recover x 10
1 min Plank

Jog to Gun Lot for legs
30 Sumo Squat
20 Jump Lunges
15 Skaters each side
1 min Plank

Jog back to Park for COT, Name-O-Rama, Announcements, Prayer requests.

When planning a WEP workout, I usually opt for hills. But for this morning’s workout, I decided that we are missing out on doing sprints with the venue change on Mondays, so I thought that it would be nice to bring that back. After the 3rd or 4th sprint, Lighthouse thought we should check the distance. Each sprint was 0.05 mile in length, so one total round with the recovery was 0.1 miles. So after 10 times, we got 1 mile in! Also, with our planking, we met the February plank challenge requirements. Good morning for strength and sweat!

Prayers for Napa who will be traveling a lot in March and will miss the FiA workouts during the week. Prayers and awareness for puppies that need to be adopted. Announcements for Chelsea and Savannah Paint night on Saturday (bring wine and food)

Flying Pig


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