Happy Fri-YAY Hickory
July 6, 2018
We Fancy pre-blast – After the 4th
July 6, 2018

Sprint Line Confusion Take Two

  • When: 07/06/2018
  • Q: Kimpossible
  • Pax: Cricut, Cakeboss, Globetrotter, TeFiti, Pirmanti, Salsarita

Super morning with seven ladies. Te Fiti came all the way from Kentucky 👏🏻

Warm up:

Jumping jacks 10 in cadence,  10 Cherry pickers, Butt kickers, Arm circles

Run to lower lot.

Take 1- Jog in place in a line, peel off sprints. Was a little rough with explaining but we all sprinted then circled up for workout.

40 seconds of each:

Superman, Spider-Man, Russian twists, Flutter kicks,Sit ups ( to check off our monthly challenge)

run the loop

20 pushups, 20 Carolina Dry docks, 40 second Moroccan Night Clubs, Tricep dips, Overhead claps

run the loop

Donkey kicks 20 each side, Fire Hydrants, 40 second squats, Alternating lunges, Monkey jumpers

plank line- peel off sprints

40 second Squats,Plank jacks, Coconut crunchers

run the hill

five minute non stop abs-

Bicycles, knee in crunches, reverse crunches, mountain climbers

Happy Friday! Thanks for being FiA strong 💪🏻

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