Hump Day Countdown at GreenMile
March 10, 2018
Foxtrot PB- Rain and a Time Change? P-70 doesn’t care
March 10, 2018

Spring Ahead with FiA Carpex

  • When: 03/10/2018
  • Q: SUP
  • Pax: Mary Lou, Marm, Saltbox & Noodle

Our Saturday morning Carpex theme was time since we will spring ahead tonight.  Thanks to the 4 ladies who came out this morning! While were hoping for Spring Weather, it was still a bit chilly 🙂


  • Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Time” – Jog in place with a squat each time the “time” is sung
  • 10 Arm Circles IC forward & backward
  • 15 Windmills IC

The Thang

  • We jogged over to the ropes course
  • 3 rounds of Catch Me If You Can (we are trying to catch the hour that we will be losing tonight!).  First, round partner 1 does 5 burpees while partner 2 jogs backward.  Partner 1 runs to  catch partner 2 and partner 2 does 5 burpees while partner 1 now jogs backward.  Completed one lap around the parking lot.  Round 2: Repeat but with merkins & high knees.  Round 3: Repeat but with jump squats and butt-kickers
  • Jog to Stairs by Lake
  • Since the time is changing, we will need our ALARM in the morning.  3 Rounds of Arms, Legs, Abs, R-exercsie, M-exercise


–            Round 1                        Round 2                         Round 3

A         20 Shoulder Taps       20 Hallelujahs               20 Burpees

L         20 Squat Jumps          20 Lunges                       20 Bobby Hurley’s

A         20 Peter Parkers         20 LBC’s                          20 Mountain Climbers

R         Run Stairs                     20 Ranger Merkins      20 Reverse Curls

M        20 Merkins                   20 Monkey Humpers   20 Makhtar Jie’s

  • Since we will all be tired by the end of our Spring Ahead Day, we decided to end with a Lazy Half Dora.  (Although halfway through, the question was:  What is Lazy about this?)

Partner 1 does 10 merkins while partner 2 does plank hold.  Alternate until 50 reps are completed

Partner 1 does 20 LBC’s while partner 2 does a 6″ leg hold.  Alternate until 100 reps are completed

Partner 1 does 25 squats while partner 2 does a squat hold.  Alternate until 150 reps completed

  • Jog back to parking lot


Matthew 6:34 – Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.


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