HIIT work makes the muscles work!
February 22, 2018
Cardio Climb
February 22, 2018


  • When: 02/22/2018
  • Q: Tinker
  • Pax: SUP, Mary Lou, Van Gogh, Sombrero, Noodle, Bagheera

We worked up a sweat today with a start temp of 62 degrees (and a bit of humidity). Kudos to Mary Lou and Sombrero for breaking out the shorts. Gotta love winter in February in NC:-)

WU: 20 JJ IC / 15 JJ with knee tuck / jog around parking lot w/high knees & butt kicks woven in / big & little arm circles forwards & backwards

The Thang: Increasing reps of exercises w/increasing # of laps around the parking lot

5 Push-ups / 1 lap around the parking lot / plank hold until everyone returned

5 PU & 10 burpees / 2 laps / squat hold

5 PU, 10 burpees w/180 jump & 15 jump lunges / 3 laps / dips

5 PU, 10 burpees w/jump tuck, 15 jump lunges & 20 plank jacks / 4 laps

5 PU, 10 burpees of choice, 15 curtsey lunges, 20 ski jumps & 25 star jumps (Ugh! These hurt as my legs were pretty noodley at this point.) / 5 laps

Then a little ab work… 20 American Hammers IC, 20 Crunchy Frogs IC & 20 Bicycles IC

Next, we had some fun with the med ball: line up in a zigzag pattern, chest pass the med ball to the next FiA, side shuffle to the end, repeat to the end of the parking lot & then reverse back. It took us awhile to find our rhythm, as we had an odd number of ladies. Plus, we weren’t exactly ready for our brains to work. But once we got it, we decided to do another round. Woo hoo!

On to some partner work up on the track: 1. First partner did squats while the other sprinted to the bench and then ran backwards back to the start. We did this for 3 minutes, alternating with our partners as we went. 2. One partner did dips on the stairs while the other bear crawled to the first lamppost and then crawl beared back to the start. Shout out to everyone on this one – it was quite the shoulder work and we did it for 3 minutes with only minimal grumbling:-)

All that bear crawling, plus the Q losing track of time meant that it was already past 6:30. Eek! Sorry ladies, used to Qing at MoneyPenny for 60 min versus 45. Anywho, we did a quick COT and then everyone dashed for their cars. Nice work, ladies! It was a pleasure Qing this morning with such a great group of ladies!

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