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June 20, 2018
Louise BB
June 21, 2018

Sorry About Your New Shoes!

  • When: 06/19/2018
  • Q: Grizzly
  • Pax: Aftershock, FLOTUS, Scooter, Sweatshop

Poor Scooter shows up with some fancy new shoes and what do we do, head straight to the wet field. She was a good sport about it, luckily the grass was cut nice and short and the 80 degree heat at 0600 made for a not so wet workout.


Warm Up-

If you feel like running loop around the t-ball field track

If you dont fee like running deceptively long lunge walk to the bench at the t-ball field

Through the tunnel

Arm circles


The Thang-

Bag of Balls- we threw golf balls between 30-40 yards with exercises written on them. The first pax would run and get a ball and the rest of the pax would complete an exercise. Then the second pax would run and get a ball while the rest of the pax complete an exercise until second pax came back with new ball. And so on until all balls were retrieved. The first round was too easy. Second round pax bear crawled to collect the balls.


Monkey Humpers

Belle Squats

Step Ups

Arm Raises


Push Ups


Flutter Kicks

Jumping Jacks


Run back over to the playground for 200 abs.

50 LBCs

25 LBCs right side

25 LBCs left side

25 Russian Twists

25 Toe Touches

25 Walk Outs

25 Scissors


Big crowd out for a Tuesday! Should out to Aftershock who came out to her first early morning weekday workout!

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