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January 6, 2018
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January 6, 2018

Sock it to ya- Tabata Style

  • When: 01/06/2018
  • Q: Zookeeper
  • Pax: Yogi, Fourteener, Dane, Blender, Turquoise, Chutney, Triangle, Honeydew, Closer, Bad Ass, Snarky, Scoot

The forecast was crazy COLD for 8am this morning so we kicked off our shoes and did a high intensity tabata workout at a yoga studio where one of our Pax teaches.

The Thang: 

Warm up: 20 IC: imperial storm troopers, cotton pickers, jumping jacks


Group 1– do all 4 exercises- 20 work/10 rest, repeat set 4 x = 8 min

1- abs around the world. In a plank, jump feet side to side using obliques- keep butt down.

2- squat 180 twists- squat, jump to face other way & squat again, jump back

3- fast peter parkers

4- fire feet- fast feet run

Group 2– do all 4 exercises- 20 work/10 rest, repeat set 4 x = 8 min

1- high knees

2- squat jacks- do a jack & squat when legs are out

3- regular mtn. Climbers

4- burpees

Group 3- do all 4 exercises- 20 work/10 rest, repeat set 2 x = 4 min

1- power push ups- like a half burpee- push up, jump to touch your toes staying low

2- high jumps

3- in & outs- like mtn climber but both feet jump up toward hands at same time & back

4- plyo jump lunges

Group 4– 10 exercises- do each one 4x 20 sec/ 10 sec rest, 1 min, then go to next= 30 min

1- speed skaters + alternate toe touch

2- plyo jump squat, then alternating lunge

3- side plank dips- alternate sides for each set

4- push up jacks

5- in and out burpee w/ no jump

6- crab position- leg raises (keep both legs straight out) keep butt up

7- fast feet

8- 100s with leg raise (crunch position w/ shoulders raised, don’t put feet down)

9- v sit toe touches

10- sumo squats

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