July 11, 2018
Rock It!
July 11, 2018

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: Tony
  • Pax: Brony, Recess, Jambo, Sandbox, Change of Heart, Excel 0.0, Regroup, Playdoh, Executor, BB

Who knew you could have so much summer fun with a few tarps? Good for sledding and sliding shenanigans. Thanks for humoring my crazy ideas, ladies! (yeah, we really made a slip-n-slide)

The Gum Ball Machine
Unlike back in April, this time there were zero sweet gum balls to torture our palms.
Jog to sidewalk near tree line.
Bear crawl to first tree
5 burpees
Bear crawl to second tree
10 burpees
BC to third tree
15 burpees
BC back to second tree
10 burpees
BC back to first tree
5 burpees
BC back to start

Jog back to field.

Tarp Sleds
Partner up and pull out 3 large tarps to share.
P1 sits on tarp while P2 drags the tarp across the field while facing forward. #quads
Switch places and go back to start.
Repeat across field this time while walking backwards. #hammies
Switch places and go back to start.
Anyone who doesn’t have a tarp holds plank until one becomes available.

Washboard Abs:
Took the term to a whole new level by laying out tarps, drizzling with Dawn soap, and dousing with water. Prepare to wash dem abs sparkly clean.
Line up on one side of tarps and begin a 1 minute timer:
10 Standing Crunches
Slide on washboard abs across tarp
10 Teacups
Slide back to start
10 Flutter Kicks
Any seconds leftover are your rest.
Repeat for 10 rounds.
Laugh a lot.

Excel 0.0 slipped when the tarp was bunched up – pray nothing is damaged and she will be back at it again!
Felix’s recovery
BB’s sister
The race this weekend

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