Weighted Wednesday Tabatas
July 13, 2016
NO SNAKES aloud in FiA, even if they are girl snakes! #GreenMile BB
July 13, 2016

Second time around the Pyramid

  • When: 07/13/2016
  • Q: Chomps
  • Pax: Oscar, Gingersnap, Liberty, Chipmunk, Polaroid, Early Bird, Trixie, Webster

9 PAX gathered to welcome the day with another try at the Pyramid workout.

Warm up:           March in place, Arm Circle of Pain

2 minute AMRAP – 4 squats, 4 body twists, 4 pushups

2 laps around the jungle gym

Pyramid:  Count each exercise on one side only – left, right = 1

100     wide jog in place

90        apple pickers

80        jumping jacks

70        butt kickers

60        squats – challenged last 30 to raise one heel for 15 then switch

50         high knees

40         Russian Twists

30         Toy Soldiers

20        Sea Turtles

10       push ups

2 laps around the jungle gym – last one to cool down a little bit

Ab tabatas:   30 second work, 10 second rest for 6 exercises done 2 times

heel taps, wide scissor, straight leg raises, rolling plank, jack knife, butterfly


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