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The goal of FiA Expansion is to spread our mission as quickly as possible while maintaining the strong habits, values and culture that make FiA so special. Do you constantly here these questions or feel this way yourself:

Are you interested in getting together a group of like-minded women who work to make each other stronger in all areas of their lives?

Do you enjoy the accomplishment felt in pushing yourself and your body to a fit and healthier place while encouraging others to do so as well?

Do you enjoy the camaraderie of bringing together old and new friends to form common bonds that last beyond a workout class?

Do you wish to share your positive attitude, your optimism, your faith in religion or humanity to uplift those around you?

Then you might be interested in becoming a FiA Regional Leader.  If FiA is not yet in your area and you are interested in starting a group, email for more details.

If you are in an area near an existing workout location, please try to attend.  This will give you a good idea of what a workout typically looks like from FNG’s to COT’s.

Through our growth and support from each AO to the Nation as a whole, we are #BetterTogether.

We receive many more expansion and growth questions from the existing PAX and women in other cities on a daily basis; the purpose of this page is to answer the questions we hear most often regarding how to expand FiA successfully. This page will not cover everything, so please direct all questions and ideas to

Q: Why so structured? Can’t we just do this?

First and foremost, we encourage every woman everywhere to get up tomorrow morning, grab a friend or two, get outside and work hard no matter where you live! You don’t need to wait on FiA to do that, but you do need to wait on FiA to officially launch a branded FiA location. When we officially launch a FiA workout, though, we view it as a promise: a promise that there will always be a workout at that site, at that time without fail, with a group of women who will help you get stronger. Showing up for the first time is the hardest step, and we’re committed to making sure that that first step isn’t the last one.

Q: What do you mean by ad-hoc, soft launch and official?

Official FiA workouts are permanent locations that occur on a set schedule. They are listed on the website, and will always be there. These will almost never change times or locations, except for holidays and dangerous weather. Official FiA workouts are ALWAYS followed by a backblast. 

A soft launch workout is one that is not yet official — it’s a test site. It is marked on the website with an asterisk (*) and might be announced on Twitter or via word of mouth. The idea of the soft launch is to lay the groundwork for a great, permanent, official workout. 

Ad-hoc workouts can occur any time with any FiAs. Often a last-minute arrangement, it might be a LSD (long slow distance) run by a group prepping for a marathon. It might be a group of FiAs who happen to be traveling together to a far away location for an event like the Blue Ridge Relay or the Palmetto 200. Often, they’ll follow the usual format: workout, COT and coffee. Sometimes they’ll even get a backblast, especially if something cool happened. 

Q: I’m in an existing FiA region. How can we launch a FiA workout in my neighborhood?

New workouts are officially launched when the following criteria are met:

  • A woman has volunteered to be the workout “point of contact” to work with the regional lead for administrative issues and planning.
  • At least three Qs or workout leaders who have Q’d workouts elsewhere have volunteered to be part of the regular Q schedule. This is to ensure that there is always a Q, even if someone is sick, injured or out of town. The show must go on!
  • There’s a firm and specific date, time and location that’s a good fit for the workout style.
  • A soft launch has been run for at least 2-3 weeks to confirm interest and work out the kinks (sometimes you find out a problem with the location only after working out there once or twice). 

Q: Why do we need 3-4 Qs? I’m ready to lead and can totally do this.

Even if someone is sick, injured, or out of town, the FiA show must go on! That’s hard to do with just one Q. Remember: a scheduled FiA workout is a promise. Besides, our peer-led workouts are intentionally designed grow more leaders! Successful growth includes spreading the role of Q to as many women as possible.

Q: Why do we need 30 women to demonstrate interest? Why not 10 or 12?

If 30 want to come, odds are that some of them will occasionally miss for travel, kids, illness, beauty sleeping, or any number of other of valid or slightly-less-than-valid reasons.  With 30, you know that even if a lot of people miss, you’ll still have enough for a strong workout. Also, we have learned that there’s something about 30-ish women that signals critical mass. Less than that and a workout can fade away.  A lot more than that and you’re probably already thinking about splitting the workout and feeling pretty excited about the strong turn out!

Q: Isn’t FiA just F3 for women? Can the guys just get us started?

F3 and FiA are different organizations, and men and women have different needs. FiA is not just F3 for women. However, we have had great success with the men of F3 helping us launch workouts, especially in areas that aren’t very close to an existing workout. Like F3, our workouts are outside, peer-led, and free. Just remember that we use slightly different vocabulary than F3 (ours is most certainly more ladylike). In addition, men shouldn’t be attending or leading workouts — only helping out and supporting. When we launch into cities where F3 doesn’t have a presence, we’ll do the same for them.

Q: FiA isn’t in my city. How do I get an expansion site going here?

Moving to a new city is similar to launching a new local workout (as described above). A single point of contact (POC) has volunteered to coordinate with the FiA Q/expansion, who has posted (participated) at a FiA workout elsewhere and already has a nickname. That means that either a group of existing FiAs has come to your town to run an ad-hoc workout, or you have done a FiA workout elsewhere.  We ask that potential regions have ladies who have collectively attended at least THREE workouts in nearby regions.  If your regions is more than 150 miles away from an existing FiA region, we require that you have attended at least ONE workout.  Let’s make sure this is a fit for your community!

The local POC has a mailing list of at least 30 women who have committed to coming to the workout at the date, time, and location identified. If possible, start building this list right away!  Review the FiA Nation website and read the What is FiA?, FiA FAQ, BackBlasts and Blog Posts to get to know our community of women and we’re all about with your list of 30+ women. Email with email addresses of women who need to be on the Prospective FNG (Friendly New Girl) List.

At least two or three Qs, or workout leaders, who have Q’d workouts elsewhere, have volunteered to be part of the regular Q schedule. This is to ensure that there is always a Q committed and scheduled for each workout. 

An established FiA region has committed to send women to your town to help support the first 4-6 weeks of the initial workouts. It’s important to feel supported through this process, as well as pick up on the language, good form and modification tips too.