January 6th Backblast
January 12, 2018
Is it Spring Tabata
January 12, 2018


  • When: 01/10/2018
  • Q: Lucky Charms
  • Pax: picasso, sarge, skiff, mile high, tongs, running horse, flip, buff, motor yacht, bookie, deuce, jeepster

Anxiety. Two weeks until our big ruck in Greenville. Going to make as many workouts ruck based as possible until then! It was a beautiful morning making 37 degrees feel balmy compared to last Wednesdays freezing temps.  We met at the track for 100’s. At each 100 we did 10 of the specified exercise ( jump squats, alternating plank taps, burpees, release push ups, sumo squats, wood choppers, lunges. When we returned to the starting point on the track we did 40 of the specified AB exercise ( Russian twists, heels to heaven, full body sit ups, leg lifts, bicycle, plank hold).

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