Tabata in the sunshine
April 15, 2018
2, 4, 6, 8 – What do we appreciate? Beating the rain!!
April 15, 2018

Round and Round, Up and Down

  • When: 04/14/2018
  • Q: Honeydew
  • Pax: Scoot, Tritangle, Closer, Socket, Bulldawg

It was great to be back with the pack after many spring break travels. We moseyed over to the track, surprised to find the entire city of Winston-Salem using it. (It’s officially spring).

After a warmup of Jumping Jacks, Awkward Hillbillies, and Squat Jumps we took up our starting point on the track for:

  • 5 pushups – Run the Straightaway – 10 Burpees – Run the Curve – 15 Crunches (ankles linked with a partner, high fives on the up swing) – Run the Straightaway – 20 Russian Twists – Run the Curve.
  • Repeat with 10 pushups, 20 Burpees, 30 Crunches (oy, that grass here isn’t flat, ugh, these really are harder if you’re moving uphill, ooph), 40 Russian Twists.

Somewhere in the middle of that, Badass ran by waving, but insisting, “Sorry! I’m gonna keep doing the workout I paid for!”)

After the track we jogged over to Education Hill where we did an ascending/descending ladder in between running up and down the hill.

  • 20 Arm Raises –> 10 Arm Raises, before running up the hill.
  • 10 Tricep Dips –> 20 Tricep Dipps, after running up the hill.

Up and down, up and down….. I think I had those switched, we should have had the tricep dips go down in number not up!

Feeling good we went to a new patch of grass (it wasn’t easy, there were LOTS OF PEOPLE in our usual spots!) and cooled down with everyone’s favorite crunches (45 seconds each). I can’t remember what everyone picked.

Thanks for snapping the picture Scoot – It really was gorgeous out! See you next time!

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