Waking up and working hard!
November 2, 2017
Happy 40th Birthday Q!
November 2, 2017

The Return of Dr. Mrs. Dreamliner

  • When: 11/01/2017
  • Q: Papyrus
  • Pax: Smores, Zin, Sprint, Grand Slam, Stitch, Rocker--Respect

Y’all. A week is way too long to be gone. It was so nice to be back with my FiA ladies Wednesday morning. I had been out of town (nervously awaiting and then) celebrating my husband (F3 Dreamliner) defending his PhD thesis in Aerospace Engineering. Y’all should see the title, but at least I can pronounce all the words. Anyways, here’s how it went down.

Warm up:

15 JJ IC

Lap around the parking lot

The Thang:


  • 300 crunches
  • 200 jump squats
  • 100 Carolina Dry Docks

Partner work:

  • One partner lunge walked the first tennis court while the other partner did pushups, repeat with leg raises. Both partners do both strength exercises. Did this for 4 minutes (each partner ended up lunge walking twice and doing each exercise once).
  • One partner did side shuffle to the end of the second tennis court while the other partner did flutter kicks, repeat with calf raises. Did this for 5 minutes and did several rounds alternating the exercise.

Finished up with PAX choice. Each PAX chose an exercise and we did it for 50 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.

Name-O-Rama, Prayer


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