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July 10, 2018
Eagles Nest PB 7/11/18
July 10, 2018

Retail Therapy Backblast: The Countdown!

  • When: 07/10/2018
  • Q: Yo Adrian
  • Pax: Lavender, Freerange, Squealing Fern, Diva, Deuce, Boonie (FNG), Yo

A decent temperature AM to come out for some Retail Therapy! I had 6 other gals join me, including an FNG Shelby, Diva’s daughter, now known as Boonie!

Warm-up by side of theater:
High knees, 10IC
Skaters, 10
J’jax, 10IC

Mosey’d with accessories over to fountain (for the ledge) in front of the theater.

The countdown!
10 exercises – starting with 12 rep, do each exercise 12 count. Move onto 11 reps of each exercise. 10…9…
The exercises:
1. Tuck-up w/twist (2:1)
2. Goblet squats
3. Bulgarian split squats (rep each leg)
4. Single arm bell swings (rep each arm)
5. Wtd WWii situps
6. Squat w/knee drive (2:1)
7. Pushups – elevated(hands, or feet) or regulat
8. Plank shoulder tap to T-plank (2:1)
9. Donkey-hydrants (2:1)
10. Burpees

I quickly realized my Q ‘sorta fail’ – def too ambitious! It was good, but no way to get through the whole countdown. Some got to the 9 rep round, I believe…
Welcome to our newest member Shelby, aka Boonie! Hope this didn’t scare ya!
Thank you to all who came out this AM! It was a tough one, at least in my opinion – a bit tough to walk once I got home…

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