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March 8, 2018
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March 8, 2018

Remix to Ignition

  • When: 03/03/2018
  • Q: Gun Show Fun Show
  • Pax: Pep Rally, Sweatshop, Grizzly, Scooter, FLOTUS

I had so much fun doing Pilates with the FiA Raleigh girls a couple of weeks ago that I thought I’d do a remix. (remix to ignition…hot and fresh out the kitchen). This workout was based on something I heard last week…Tremor of Truth.  It’s that quiver you get during a “good” workout.


Genie hands. Kick legs straight out.  Continue kicking and lift arms straight up to the sky. Continue kicking and add arm pulldown. Continue kicks/pulldown and add a torso twist.

Sumo Side bends, elbow to knee.  Continue & add hand tap (behind the leg). Back to arms behind head. Now reach a hand above the head.

It was freezing outside so we were still not warm.  We jogged the lower field (counterclockwise).


we did about 10 of each of the following:

Lift head, neck, shoulders. Legs in table top or out straight. Pump hands 4 times then curl up 2 times. (that’s 1)

Still pumping hands 4 times, as you curl up to crunch, bring your knees in.

Arms out and legs out and in to curl up.

Hold arms & legs out & criss cross the ankles.

Zip legs together & Rock; lift head then lift booty

Legs up, booty lifts. Tiny little lifts.  Legs try to tap the ceiling.

5 Ab Series (head, neck, & shoulders up and stare at belly button):

1)Single leg stretch (hug bent knee)

2)Single straight leg stretch (pulse)

3)Double leg stretch (back stroke hands)

4)Double straight leg stretch (hands behind head)

5)Criss cross (elbows stay out of sight), add double time criss cross

Hug knees in.

Lay flat. Flex feet.  Arms overhead. Slowly roll up & arms up to sky. Slowly roll down (curve back).-these are just World War I’s.

Small change-tuck shoulder blades down to the floor & come right back up.

Lift halfway up, palms to the ceiling. Lift legs up. (knees can be bent or on floor). Arms go down to the floor & back up.

Hold, bend knees, palms together…Russian twists

Roll over to a forearm plank.

Plank Series:

Plank Jax.

Right leg up, left leg up.

Brooke burkes.

Press into a straight arm plank.

Peter Parkers on right side only.Flap jack.

Mountain climbers.

Cross Climbers.

Step Right foot up beside Right hand & back, alternating. (keep booty down).

Burp-slightly wider than mat width.

Walk it up & hands in prayer.


Squats x 10

Continue squatting & reach arms up to the ceiling.

Squat hold into Skiers w arms still up.

Add a pulse on right side (back is flat).

Pulse on left side.



Curtsy lunge

Hold back w right foot. Arms to the ceiling & pulse.

Hold lunge & tap with back foot.

Curtsy lunge with wood chop.

Flap jack.


Sumo squat. Arms out to the side. Plie squats. (pick your flowers up and toss them out).

Hold it down low, arms in front of you. Press the thighs out (like butterfly wings).-I’m not sure I was demoing this correctly. #mulligan

Pulse squats (arms still out in front) – one inch in each direction.

Tiny squat pulses.


Right leg back & straight. Left leg bent 90 degrees

Toe up & arms up.

Reach out & back (only upper half moves).

Grab gift from high & put it on floor.

Both hands on floor, back foot steps up & back.

Flap Jack.


Cow pose. Left foot steps out to the side.Lift that left leg up & down.

Hold leg up & take straight leg behind you and back to side. (at body level)

Raise & lower straight leg behind you. (to ground and up only high as bodyline)

Hold up. Tiny little circles with left leg.  Reverse the circles.

Tiny little lifts up tempo.

Hold leg up, right elbow down to the floor, left hand stays put.  Tap left knee to left elbow.

Hold leg up & lift up to tempo (lift it high)

Child’s pose.

Flap jack.


Lay on right side, right ear on bicep. Left forearm on mat in front. Bent knees to chest.Clam shells (big toes stay touching).

Hold up left bent leg, tiny knee circles. Reverse the circles. Tiny lifts up tempo.

Hold & straighten leg. Reach leg out and in.

Hold leg out. Flex the foot & tiny circles.  Reverse the circles.  Tiny lift up tempo.

Figure Four Stretch.

Flap jack.


Butterfly knees, arms to ceiling

Roll up and arms up (up & up, down & down)

Double time it.

Hold head/neck up and lift feet (still in butterfly) & crunch fingertips to heals.

Feet down on floor. Come up on elbows.Reach hands out to grab thighs but torso does not remove. – what is this sorcery?

Hold arms out, tiny curls up.Continue and lift your feet.Continue and straighten legs (at 45 degree angle).

Straight arms go side to side of knee.


Up & Down.Double time.

Hold up add hip dips.

Hold up add straight right leg up & down (don’t leg bent knee wing out).

Hold right leg up & lift the hips up and down.

Flap Jack on left leg.

Both feet on tippy toes & bridge up & down.

Close the thighs (when going up) and open the thighs (when doing down).

Stay bridge up on toes and hip dips.


Bring right knee in to chest, flex foot. Straighten leg up Grab ankle and then swing leg out to side. Then fold it over bottom. Figure four.

Flap jack.

Cow Series (cat/cow between each 30 second pose):

1)cat/cow with breath

2)neutral spine into birddog, each side

3)birddog cross cows

4)Child’s pose

5)Thread the needle, each side

Closing Stretches

The Skinny-it was cold and windy.  So windy, in fact, that we worked out in the foyer of the bathrooms (gross).  Also so windy that my laminated instructions kept flying away.  That’s right, I laminate things. #DontHateOnTheLaminate


Gun Show
Gun Show
First FiA post on 5/23/2015 at FiA Raleigh (Flightdeck).

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