Frog Pond Friday Pre-Blast
June 28, 2018
5 Station tabata
June 28, 2018

Remember This

  • When: 06/28/2018
  • Q: Lilo
  • Pax: Pineapple, Copay, Peppers, Spike, Thimble, various 2.0s

Change in AO brought us to the Corinth playground where the 2.0s could join in or play safely while the moms got our sweat on!

Q got things started by a warm-up that burned a little more than expected….

Smurf Jacks x 10

Monkey Arms x 10

Toy Soldiers IC

Shoulder Blaster [arm raises x 10: out front (thumbs up, thumbs down, up/down rollover), side (thumbs up, down, rollover) crossover, reg press) WOW! We will feel those, but tank top arms, here we come!


4 corner stations with a 10, 20, 30, 40 rep full body workout AND add in a bear walk to the middle—5 BURPEES—crab walk to next station.


10 downward dog pushups (carolina dry docks)

20 plank jacks

30 surrenders (10 each leg)

40 bicycles (not bridges pineapple! hehe  😉


10 Merkins

20 Shoulder Taps

30 Glute Bridges

40 Hillbillies (raggedy ann’s)


10 Diamond pushups

20 Mountain climbers

30 Plie Squat to Calf Raise

40 Flutter Kicks


10 Supermans (Thimble and I may have laid on the cold concrete a little longer than necessary!)

20 Tricep Dips

30 Jump Squats

40 Big Girl Sit-ups

COT/PRAYER and read excerpt from an article by Rachel Macy Stafford “Am I Invisible”:

“I said, “Remember this.” Remember this when you are in familiar territory and someone new walks up looking for guidance. Remember this when you see someone on the outskirts anxiously holding her own hand. Remember this when someone approaches you and asks a question – see the bravery behind the words. Remember this when you see someone stop trying – perhaps he’s been rejected one too many times. Remember this when you see someone being excluded or alienated – just one friendly person can relieve the painful sense of feeling invisible.

Remember the deepest desire of the human heart is to belong … to be welcomed … to know you are seen and worthy of kindness. One person can do that. One person can give someone hope. I know this, I absolutely know this, but how often I forget. Life gets busy. Things get familiar. I get caught up in my own problems, etc. etc.

I nearly forget what I have the power to do until one Tuesday afternoon when I take my daughter to an activity, and I am reminded. I approach two women hoping for kindness, but I am met with rudeness. And when it happens a second time, I start to feel bitter, so I ask myself how I can turn this into goodness, into love? And that’s when the words, “Remember this,” come out of my mouth.

It’s together for each other that we find strength to ask, learn, and never fold up and disappear. If that’s not life’s highest lesson, I don’t know what is. Let me remember it now, especially now, when the world’s collective pain is so deep, so wide, and so heavy. But there is hope …Because what we can do individually to heal the world’s collective pain is quite miraculous. We can half the pain by being one person’s person.”

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