Q Whole Body Sweat – We Fancy BackBlast

Taylor Tuesday
June 26, 2018
June 26, 2018

Q Whole Body Sweat – We Fancy BackBlast

  • When: 06/23/2018
  • Q: Herra
  • Pax: Francis, Bones, McCaro, Bradshaw, Lucy, Pewee, Tafiti, Viper, Malibu, Sol, Mountain Mama

Warm Up
Huddle Shuffle – Bring it in everybody!
We formed a huddle, and jogged on the spot. Group moved from side to side, forward and back on call.

The Thang
Quick ‘n’ Sweaty Workout – Performed each exercise for 60 seconds resting as needed. 2 rounds
High Knees
Jumping jacks
Pulsing squats
Wall sit
Jump squats
Donkey kicks
Side shuffles

The Second Thang
Deck of Cards Boxing Drill – Broke up into two groups. The leader of the group flipped playing cards over and the group performed the exercised described below. We did this for 15 minutes.
• Picture cards = 100 Punches (total)
• Ace = 150 Punches
• Numbers = +0 on the end
• JOKER = Everyone sprints to opposite end of tennis courts and back
• Hearts = Uppers
• Diamonds = Jab-Cross
• Spades = Hooks
• Clubs = Kneeling Highs Punches
• Ace of Hearts = 150 Uppers
• 7 of Diamonds = 70 Jab-Crosses
• Jack of Clubs = 100 Kneeling High Punches

The Third Thang
Abs – 60 seconds for each exercise
Sitting twists
Mountain climbers

Cool Down
Jogged around basketball courts.

Quote for the Day
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Recipe – Egg white & Oatmeal Protein pancakes

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