Warmed Up on Wednesday
January 10, 2018
FiA Dance Party
January 10, 2018

  • When: 01/10/2018
  • Q: Robot
  • Pax: Comet, Diver, Tech, FNG-Giraffica, Nola, Die Hard

Had 6 ladies join me this morning including 1 FNG, welcome Giraffica!!

Warm Up: Jacks, Torso Twists, Torso Twist with Arm Extension, Hip Circles, Butt Kickers

For our super warm 38 degrees, we got some pyramid action in today….ramping up from the bottom starting with 5 exercises for 10 reps, run 5 laps around the circle, then up the pyramid for 4 exercises for 20 reps, run 4 laps around the circle, etc. Check out the diagram and see if I managed to explain it to some extent!

To wrap up we did Sally aka Flower in the ‘squat sit’ mode for some leg burn fun!

As always, thanks for coming out! Prayers, shout outs and announcements of 1. Cookies for Troops on Thursday the 18th (at Colonel’s) and 2. FiA Metro and surrounding area anniversary party on Friday the 19th (see invite on Facebook or What’s App).


Have a great one all!





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