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February 28, 2018
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March 1, 2018

Public Sleeping Day

  • When: 02/28/2018
  • Q: Lighthouse
  • Pax: Lederhosen, Flying Pig, Cabbie, Steel

FiA Fort Mill is growing accustomed to my use of random national holidays to theme workouts so no one was surprised when my first statement was that yesterday was National Public Sleeping Day.  We started our workout with a discussion on why people would sleep in public, while we warmed up with some slow butt kickers, torso twists, and tin soldiers.  We couldn’t really come up with anything.  Haha!  Then, we finished our warm up with one lap around the park.

To finish off our February plank challenge, we held a plank until failure.  Thankfully, Cabbie came in clutch with a way to make that plank not so dreadful!  She played the Cupid Shuffle and we tapped right/left feet, lifted one leg at a time, and did mountain climbers in time with the music mimicking the popular line dance.  Huge shout out to Cabbie for making it more of a party than a plank!!

Since it was National Public Sleeping Day, I shared a couple of facts about sleeping at each stop.  Since adults are supposed to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, we did 7 exercises of 9 reps each at each stop.  Our stops were the Subway parking lot, the veteran lot, and the church on Harris Street.  The exercises were sumo squats, tricep dips, monkey humpers, hip bridges (while up in the hip bridge we separated our knees and put them back together for an extra challenge), dead bugs, side plank hip dips (each side), and smiley abs.  Smiley abs are a new exercise for us.  We laid on our backs and put one foot on the inner thigh of the other leg and then traced a smiley mouth shape in the air as low as we could hold our legs.  We did 9 on each side.

In our COT, we continued to pray for Lederhosen’s cousin in a halfway house and for Flash’s headaches to only be headaches this time.

If you want to know our fun facts about sleeping, keep reading 🙂

12% of people dream in black and white

Sleep deprivation will kill you faster than food deprivation

Researchers have found that fear is not the main emotion in nightmares but sadness, guilt, and confusion are

Humans are the only mammals who willingly delay sleep

41% of the British population sleep in the fetal position

Pain tolerance is reduced by sleep deprivation

People who don’t get more sleep are more likely to have bigger appetites

Exercising regularly helps you fall asleep faster and sleep sounder (so, going to FiA is good for your sleeping habits!)

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