PreBlast: Louise at Clt Metro – Thematic Traveling Thursday
September 13, 2017
30 is the new 20
September 13, 2017

Post flood Sole

  • When: 09/12/2017
  • Q: Sunshine
  • Pax: GI Jane and Sunshine

2 PAX made it out to work off those hurricane snacks…I am sore a day later :/
warmup toy soldiers, TTT and buttkickers all 10IC
Using weights or not 🙂 15 Reps each side if applicable
Set 1
Plank and Rotate
Single leg scarecrows
squat, curl, press
HIIT circuit 45 sec work, 10 sec rest
mountain climbers
shoulder taps
squat jumps
speed skaters
push ups
plank jacks
cricket climbers
Set 2 same rules
Lying chest fly
lying overhead reach legs extended
russian twist
HIIT Curcuit
Reverse lunge and press
Plank straight arm kickback
weighted squat
HIIT circuit

Finished right at 545! Way to push!!!


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