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July 11, 2018
5,4,3,2,1 Queen of the Hill
July 11, 2018

Pole Run

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: skiff
  • Pax: Motor Yacht, Bones, Bahama Mama, and Skiff

I don’t know about you, but I am loving these cooler mornings.
I’m not sure what scared off the other PAX, but we all better get up and take advantage of them before the humidity spikes again. 🙂

We began with a light warm up  then started The Thang:
Round 1:
We ran the 6 long light poles in West’s lot.
The first run: Do 10 push ups at every other light pole, starting with 10 pushups at the start.
Turn around at the 6th pole and do 10 deep squats at every pole. Then, back to the start.

Round 2:
The first run was 3 sundials (everyone’s fav) at every other pole.
Turn around at the 6th pole and we began with 10 inchworm pushups, decreasing by 2 at each pole.

Next up was a Round of 11’s:
We ran from the 2nd pole to the 3rd pole (because it had a longer length)
1 Plank Tap at 2nd Pole, run to 3rd Pole and Did 11 Mtn. Climbers. Run back to start and did 2 Plank Taps, run to 3rd pole and did 10 mtn. climbers.  Repeat until we reached 11 plank taps and 1 mtn. climber.

Partner Up for 15 1000 lb towel pulls and then laid down for 15 lateral towel pulls on each arm.

We finished with Pax choice abs, positive vibes, and were ready to conquer the day.
Kuddos to these morning glories!


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