20/10 Core/Cardio Burner
July 1, 2018
Century Club
July 1, 2018

Pick(nic) a Table Full Body Workout

  • When: 06/16/2018
  • Q: Mule
  • Pax: Bobcat, The411, Edge, Aurora, Match, NoName, Berry, Smores

Nine ladies joined in for a hot a sweaty full body, HIIT workout this am.  The launchpad has an abundance of picnic tables so we had some fun with them today.  We did each exercise 4x- 45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest- all using the picnic tables.  In between each set we did 1 minute of cardio.  We ended with a burnout of each exercise, repeating all exercises without rest to finish strong.

Set 1: Plank Jacks – in plank, step up onto the bench, plank jack, and back down

Cardio Interlude: High Knees

Set 2: Squats – step into the bench, squat, off the bench, squat

Cardio Interlude: Squat Jumps

Set 3: Incline push-ups (can do decline for a challenge!)

Cardio Interlude: Fast Feet (tap toes on bench)

Set 4: Squat Hover (hover tush just off bench)

Cardio Interlude: Jumping Jacks

Set 5: Decline shoulder taps – feet on bench, plank position *modify by doing plank on the ground, the decline is HARD!

Cardio Interlude: Skaters

Set 6: Bulgarian Lunges (alternate legs each set)

Radio Interlude: Power-Ups, one leg (balance on one leg, touch ground with hand and power up into jump trying to not touch down the other foot)

Set 7: Arm circles or tricep dips (for arm circles, keep the circles tight and reverse direction each set)

Cardio Interlude: Power-Ups, other leg

Burn-out: All sets one time through

We ended with a quick stretch and circle.




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