Wednesday Workout
March 8, 2018
I WANT Muscles NOW!!!!
March 8, 2018

Pete and Repeat…

  • When: 03/08/2018
  • Q: El Paso
  • Pax: Bagheera, SUP, Tinker, Sombrero, MaryLou, VanGogh (Respect), Mary (FNG) -"Marm"

This workout was a little repetitive in that each set was repeated in some form at least once… it was effective, it was pretty tough, and I was grateful to have a PAX of 7 incredible gals to workout alongside me on this brisk morning.

Warm Up:

Run around parking lot to get warm, return to pavilion and do the following IC: 15 High Knees (Thanks Bagheera!), 15 Butt Kickers (thanks again, Bagheera), 20 Squat with Punches, 10 Arm Circles (Front), 10 Arm Circles (Back), 10 Windmills

The Thang:

Cardio/ Plyo Set: All start at Point “A”  which is then followed by 4 marked X’s each roughly 20- 25 ft apart. (Distance from “A” to 4th X about 80- 100ft) From point “A” run to the 4th X and do an exercise, then run back to “A” and repeat the same exercise. Run to the 3rd X- exercise, back to point “A” Exercise, 2nd X- Exercise, and finally back to point “A” and either repeat the exercise, plank or squat until all PAX have finished the set.

Set 1 = 20 Jumping Jacks (include Star Jumps as an advanced option) at each “exercise” point. (140 JJ total)

Set 2= 15 Speed Skaters (R/L= 1) (105 total)

Set 3= 10 Sumo Squat Hops (70 total)

Set 4= 5 Split Jumps (R/L =1) (35 total)

Partner/ Arms Set: Partner up and 1 person does an exercise on repeat while the other partner completes a certain number of arm and shoulder exercises. Switch places after each set.

Partner 1 Plank/ Partner 2 (20) Tricep Dips- switch places. Partner 1 Froggers/ Partner 2 (15) Push Ups- switch. Partner 1 Plank Jacks/ Partner 2 (10) Tricep Dips- switch. Partner 1 Mtn Climbers/ Partner 2 (5) Push Ups.

Partner 1 Plank/ Partner 2 (5) Dips- switch/ Partner 1 Froggers/ Partner 2 (10) Push Ups- switch/ Partner 1 Plank Jack/ Partner 2 (15) Dips- switch/ Partner 1 Mtn Climbers/ Partner 2 (20) Push Ups.

Ab Set: All Circle up and do LBC’s while each person takes a turn doing 5 Burpees. The plan was to repeat the same concept and all do American Hammers while each person took a turn doing 10 flutter kicks, but time got short so we all did 20 American Hammers and called it a day.

As we were all in a circle already, we named the FNG, heard a word of encouragement and prayed before leaving.

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