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December 26, 2017
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December 26, 2017

PB – Stampede 12.27 – FiA the Musical Returns

  • When: 12/27/2017
  • Q: Slinky
  • Pax: You

Hi FiAs,

FiA the Musical is making a comeback just in time to close out 2017. I’m not going to even pretend to be as good as Gun Show at this, because let’s be honest, I know about 1/16th of the songs she does. There will definitely be some songs you know, and hopefully some songs you don’t.


Crabtree Mall Panera – 5:30 am

*as a note for these next few months, but especially these next two weeks, if it’s too cold we do have the luxury of working out inside (respectfully of course). We’ll keep that in our back pocket if it’s too brutal. That being said, tomorrow should *only* be 30 degrees.

See you soon! Slink

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