Burn Baby Burn
February 9, 2018
BB: WWM – not too much rain!
February 10, 2018

Party in my bra

  • When: 02/10/2018
  • Q: WeGo
  • Pax: WeGo, Bean, Stellar, Bookworm, Cosmo

We had a great time pushing each other through this one. All of us worked hard and used our runs as a rest (yes, it is possible, ladies!).

10 Pole legs IC
15 t-jacks IC
10 Toy soldiers IC
10 Arm Circles IC
10 plank jacks IC
Mosey to playground

Team Effort
timer set for 30 minutes
Run over bridge and back
5 Push ups
10 pull ups
15 squats
20 sets of mountain climbers
Hold plank until partner (or group, if small) is done
Keep track of the number of rounds your team completes until time is called
Team with most rounds wins bragging rights and a Facebook post (and coffee if they go to coffeteria)

Cupid Shuffle (use the song)
You can thank Bean for this one!
Plank position
Right step outs, left step outs, leg lifts, mountain climbers

Abs with a partner
One partner in supported handstand or inclined plank
Other does the following:
20 LBCs
20 Penguins
20 bicycles
Switch partners and do it two times


Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

A little thang from a small town in NY, I was led to FiA by my college pal, Peel. My favorite workout is one that makes you cuss at me :)

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