December 7, 2017
December 7, 2017

Partner Workouts are More Fun

  • When: 12/07/2017
  • Q: Mary Lou
  • Pax: Bagheera, El Paso, Shaun T, Mod Podge, VanGogh (respect), FNG Tara (Sombrero)

Sleeping the night before an AM Q is next to impossible. It’s a mixture of mulling the workout over in my head wondering if it’s going to be good or not and fear of sleeping through my alarm and leaving the Pax high and dry in the middle of the dark. So, it was a groggy, sleep-deprived start to the day. But a bit of running and sweating perked me up pretty quick!

W/U: all IC: JJ, high knees, butt kicks, squat jabs, belt kicks, jack knives, nordic ski.  Thanks Shaun T (of insanity fame) for the exercise ideas…

The Thang:

Beast Catch me if you Can run around the entire park (soccer field and baseball field). We broke into two groups and ran opposite directions around the park.  When we met up we all did 7 burpees together. Catch up exercises included 6 imperial walkers, 6 spiderman climbers, 6 reverse toe taps.  I thought we would have enough distance to get through each round a couple times. But it worked out that we each got through each round once. FNG Sombrero was all about some extra credit and did all 3 exercises at one time before catching the group. She is either one gung ho beast…or I needed to explain the workout better.  I’ll let you decided.

Dora: partnered to do toe raises on the curb (100), pit taps (200) and LBCs (300).  Partner runs a lap around the parking lot. Again, Sombrero was out to get some extra credit and went 28 toe raises above and beyond! Again, maybe the Q needs to figure out how to explain the exercises better. You decide…

Legs & Arms: we moseyed back to the shelter for more partner fun! Toasted Split Squats: One person wall sits while partner places one leg on wall sitter’s lap and does a single leg squat.  10 each leg x 3. And lastly, 3 rounds of 10 each Carolina Dry Docks and picnic table dips.

And we ended right on the money. Though, I had one more exercise planned.  Guess I will save that gem for another day.

COT: Phil 3:8-“Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” -Paul the apostle. A reminder of the greatest gift is God’s grace given to us in his Son Jesus.

Thanks Ladies for letting me workout with you!

Mary Lou

Of note (NMS):

  • The Q was struggling today when she forgot she put her watch on outside her top layer. When she went to strip down her hoodie wouldn’t come off…and she was stuck.  [I was fighting hard not to get claustrophobic (is that even the right phobia?) and just rip my pull over off. But thankfully patience prevailed and I was able to back my arm through my sleeve (no small feat with rubber gloves getting stuck on the fabric) and remove the watch and the pullover with only a slight delay of action…sorry about that!]
  • El Paso asking ModPodge how she knows Mary Lou:
    • ModPodge, “Oh, I don’t know Mary Lou, I know Debbie.”…”Which one is Mary Lou?”
    • El Paso, “Debbie…”
    • ModPodge, “Bahahaha, I know her alter ego!”
  • Shout Out to VanGogh for sharing her super improved mile time! Get it girl!! So proud of you.  And you say you’re not a runner!
  • Shaun T showing up AGAIN! The girls that said she doesn’t do mornings and she doesn’t do cold. Gold star!
  • Super excited that El Paso and Bagheera are Co-Qing next week’s workout!! Wahoo for more Qs!
  • We need to name this AO: Open Season? Deer Stand? Hunter Games? Camo Pants? Camouflage? Helppppp!


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