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January 12, 2016
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January 13, 2016

Panthers Playoff Partner Workout

  • When: 01/13/2016
  • Q: Miss Frizzle and PigSkin
  • Pax: Bookworm, Uber, Spike, Crafty, Festive, Intimidator, Forest, Miss Frizzle, PigSkin

Miss Frizzle’s warm up:  Flash dance moves (lateral steps with pull down arms), low and high impact high knees and butt kickers, football shuffles with jumps

We did the following 7 stations twice through staying at each for 1 min (for the Panthers 1 loss) and 15 sec (for the 15 wins) each and then made it through 4 stations on the third round.  Between stations we did one burpee.  One lap around parking lot after a complete set of the 7 stations.

Partner Stations:  A holds plank and B does 15 squats while holding A’s ankles

A does a wall sit holding weight (5lb) overhead while B does 15 dips from A’s knees. Switch positions.

A and B in side plank on right sides one directly in front of the other. A begins holding 3lb weight in her left hand straight up. Then passes it under her body to B who takes it in her left hand and passes it back to A above her body. After 10 reps flip to left side plank and repeat. Then switch positions and do both sides again.

Pass 10lb medicine ball over, under, around. Be sure to switch the direction you go around  as well as who starts with the ball.

A and B stand facing one another about 3 ft apart. Medicine ball (or kettle bell) held in between A and B. A begins to lunge forward with right leg while B takes the ball and lunges backward with left leg. Both return to standing positions and A takes the ball and lunges backward with right leg while B lunges forward with left leg. 15 reps and then begin again with A’s left and B’s right legs.

A holds a deep squat, with arms bent and holding 10lb weight throughout this exercise, while B does a roundhouse kick over A’s arms with her right leg and then her left leg. Do 15 with each leg and then A and B switch positions.

A and B stand 5-7 feet apart and chest pass the medicine ball while side shuffling. Then do the same thing back (alternate: standing chest pass, one arm pass, or overhead pass.)

Abs by Miss Frizzle: V crunches, pull knees in towards sides as you crunch (side crunches), reverse crunches, dolphin push ups, knee tuck crunches, baby crunches, bicycles. Stretching

Inspiration:  KEEP POUNDING!!!              panthers logo (1)


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