A Little Bit of Everything – New Q Prep
January 13, 2018
Holla Chapel Hilllllll!!! Launch 1.0
January 13, 2018

  • When: 01/12/2018
  • Q: TLC
  • Pax: Double Knot, One More, Brony, Pixel, Felix, Regroup, TLC

Although it was soggy out, it was finally a warm morning!  We actually peeled off layers to tank tops, imagine that!

Call me a rebel, but I’ve never loved Elevens for some reason (the number, not the exercise idea); so we made this a workout of Twelves, done Elevens style.  Just for you, One More.

I’m already fairly sore and feeling the need for a run to work out the stiffness! I’m not very tech-savvy but the image is supposed to read “All my muscles are sore today.  Success!!”

Thanks to the 6 PAX who joined me under the shelter at Legacy.

WU: each done 15x IC

butt kickers

star jumps

monkey humpers

Michael Phelps

toy soldiers


TT: Twelves done Elevens style (11 of 1st exercise/1 of 2nd, 10 of 1st/2 of 2nd, etc…)

All exercises performed using weights of choice

Set 1


Oblique weighted side bends (teapot?)

When complete all the way to 1 of 1st exercise/11 of 2nd—lap around playgrounds then hold plank while other PAX finish

Set 2

Weighted plie squat

Tricep extension

Lap around playgrounds then hold plank

Set 3

Weighted jackknife/toe touch (abs exercise–lying on ground, hold weight above head and lift up and over to meet toes in air, back down to ground=1)

Chest Press

Lap around playgrounds then hold plank

Finish with song, You’re The One That I Want:

Weighted squat with lateral raise on verses

Burpees on chorus (“You’re the one that I want” through “oh yes, indeed”–not so bad until the end when it repeats 3x)



BB continued recovery-patience, wisdom

Ville to Ville training team

One More travel this weekend


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